About Abilene Classical Academy.

In a world where Christianity and the ability to think and apply are in rapid decline, we are committed to being the change we want to see.
Let us introduce ourselves.

Raising the bar

Our aim is to cultivate a love of learning, endeavoring to inspire and equip students to find their God-given purpose.

What we believe

Who we are.

Before there was an Abilene Classical Academy we were four families with a passion and energy to maximize the gospel's influence in the lives of our kids.  With a desire to see our kids flourish both academically and spiritually we planted Abilene Classical Academy believing that Classical Christian education is the perfect complement to family discipleship in our homes and the discipleship that takes place in our churches.
Board Members.

Ryan Kana

Board Member
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Jackson Boen

Board Member, Interim Head of School
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Eric Richardson

Board Member
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Jeff Salmon

Board Member
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John Reed

Board Member
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Blake White

Founder, Board Member
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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
Frederick Douglas

What we believe.

We will partner with Christian parents to connect students to truth, beauty, and goodness through a Christ-centered and classical education. We seek to come alongside the home and church to develop fully formed disciples who love God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Our aim is to cultivate a love of learning, endeavoring to inspire and equip students to find their God-given purpose to be able to serve their community and the world for the glory of God.
What we commit to you and our students.
ACA is committed to the glory of God above all things.
Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, do to the Glory of God! - 1 Corinthians 10:31.  All creation exists for and attests to His glory.” Our school exists to glorify God and honor him above all.
ACA is committed to Christian spiritual formation as a fundamental component of education.
We exist to "partner with Christian parents to educate their children with academic excellence and Christian distinctiveness.” Discipleship and spiritual formation are a key part of our mission, and we expect parents and faculty to share that vision and commitment.
ACA is committed to teaching from a classical paradigm that acknowledges God as the creator of all knowledge and the sustainer of all things.
We will select curriculum that aligns with the trivium and teaches from a Christian perspective. Our classrooms will encourage both joy and discipline in learning to prepare our students to be curious, diligent adults.
ACA is committed to building and maintaining a culture of grace and excellence.
A culture of grace means we are hospitable, generous, warm, and welcoming, as God has been toward us. A culture of excellence means we strive to honor God by being great at what we do.  As an extension of this commitment, we will expect our teachers, parents and students to be respectful ambassadors of our school through dress, conduct, etiquette and the like.
ACA is committed to instilling a counter-cultural level of discipline and courtesy in its students.
We want people to be impressed with our students, and we want our students to build life skills that benefit them and honor others. Therefore, we will train students in basic discipline and etiquette and expect them to demonstrate it on appropriate occasions. For instance: honoring the dress code; standing and shaking hands with visitors; speaking with confidence.
ACA is committed to “staying in our lane;” we will not take the place of the family or the local church.
We anticipate that families will find a strong level of community with one another through our school. However, we are not a church. The Bible teaches that parents hold primary responsibility for the education and training of their children, and that spiritual and shepherding authority for Christians resides with the local church. Therefore, we will honor the centrality of the family, and will direct people back to the local church as the primary context for shepherding and discipleship. Each family will be asked to designate a local church pastor or leader who can be a “point of contact” for shepherding matters within the family.

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